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Jewelry Articles
The wearing of jewelry has always been part of our culture. In history, women are more overt in wearing different pieces of jewelry yet men, in the old days, have already practiced wearing simple jewelries. In the recent years, wearing different kinds of jewelry are very common. Women wear them as daily basics and also to serve as accessories during formal nights. Recently, the popularity of men wearing jewelry such as diamond stud earrings have also risen.
For most women, wearing stud earrings are the simplest form of adding accessories. Studs are small so you can easily pair them off with any outfit without being too loud. Yet, diamond stud earrings make a bolder statement without going overboard [...]
Choosing jewelry can be a treat and exciting. But, it can be a little daunting too, especially if you're choosing big ticket pieces! This article is to help you choose the perfect item, whether it is for you or a gift for someone special.
Silver or Gold?
Generally speaking, if you have a skin color that suits warm tones then you would be better off wearing gold or gold colored items. People with pink complexions or who are very pale should wear silver or silver colored (including titanium or white gold). Very dark people can look equally beautiful in silver or gold [...]
Everything can be ruined, including your diamond Jewelry. Here are some ways on how to keep your precious jewelry safe and preserve its eternal state. It is important to keep diamonds away from other jewelry because being the hardest gemstone; a diamond can scratch other gemstones. A diamond can also scratch another diamond. If this happens, the clarity of the diamond will be affected. Clarity refers to the inclusions and the external blemishes a diamond has within it. Scratches are external blemishes that can reduce a diamond's value. So if you want your diamond jewelry to retain its high price value, be sure to keep it in separate boxes [...]
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